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Intuitive Movements - Movin' to the Music Class

As I crafted my class, I focused on a specific group: those who struggle to start moving and those who enjoy dancing without feeling pressured to be perfect—this is what I call intuitive movement.

While everyone is welcome, my class particularly speaks to those who find typical gym workouts challenging or feel out of place in fast Zumba sessions. I always begin by teaching the moves without music, ensuring everyone understands. Then, when the music starts, if it's overwhelming, we can adjust or move in a way that feels natural—this is the essence of intuitive movement.

It's about tuning in to your body's signals. There's no single right way—just do what feels good. This philosophy applies to any exercise; if your body suggests a change, listen to it. Maybe a move feels too intense or the weights are too heavy—make adjustments that suit you while maintaining proper form.

And remember, avoid comparing yourself to others. Each person's journey is unique. Simply join in, enjoy, and do what feels best for you! Embrace your unique path in intuitive movement—it's what matters most.

-Coach Kelly.S

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