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Top 3 Ways I stay organized and prepare for my workouts

The idea of being organized and prepared can be applied to all aspects of our lives. I find it especially crucial for my success in my workouts. 

When it comes to staying organized, I rely on scheduling my workouts for the week directly into my Google Calendar, my favorite organizational tool. By slotting them into my calendar, they automatically become a priority, and I plan other activities around them. This not only holds me accountable but also emphasizes the importance of dedicating time to my health. It's a simple strategy that significantly reduces stress and ensures consistent physical activity in my weekly routine.

Moreover, having these workouts scheduled positively influences my habits. For example, knowing I have a workout planned prompts me to consider my meals before and after, indirectly encouraging better nutrition. If I have early workouts, I adjust my bedtime earlier to ensure I get enough sleep, prioritizing rest. And before a workout, I make a point to stay hydrated, which helps me track my daily water intake.

By making my workouts a priority through scheduling, I find that other aspects of my health naturally fall into place. It's a small change that yields significant benefits across the board.

How many times have you arrived at the gym, only to realize your headphones are dead, or you left your water bottle behind? It's surprising how such simple oversights can derail your focus and disrupt your workout. This is why being prepared and organized with your workout gear can either alleviate or exacerbate stress!

Being prepared for your workout means having all your gear ready to go. For me, that includes indoor shoes, various pieces of boxing equipment, water, a change of clothes, and my music playlist, among other essentials. Staying on top of what you need to bring ensures a smoother workout experience and lessens stress.

One strategy I find helpful is using different gym bags for different activities. I have a designated bag for running, one for boxing, and another for hiking, each tailored with its own set of necessities. This not only keeps things organized but also helps prevent forgetting crucial items.

After using your bag, it's essential to take inventory. Remove any dirty clothes, refill your water bottle, or recharge your headphones for the next session. Before leaving the house, do a quick check of your bag to ensure you have everything you need. This proactive approach sets you up for success and minimizes any last-minute hiccups at the gym.

Lastly, being mentally prepared for your workouts can determine your success. 

For example, using tools to help you mentally prepare for a workout can aid in the success of those sessions. Tools that can be used to help your mind perform to its best is visualization and self-talk. These can help aid in your confidence, focus and self-belief motivating you to perform at your best. Something I do before training is putting my leg up the wall and meditating for 8-10 minutes. This practice really helps separate my mind from my everyday life and shift to focus and visualize on what I want to achieve in the next training sessions. As well enjoy the physical benefits like reduce swelling in the legs, due to increased circulation. On the car ride over to the gym I will listen to upbeat music and do encouraging self talking to help build my confidence as I arrive. 

These are the top 3 ways I stay organized and prepare for my workouts!

Did I miss any, have any tools you use or maybe you connected with some of the tools I suggested?

Comment below and share with our community! 

-Melanie Richter

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1 Comment

Linda LeBrow
May 16

Keep your gym equipment/bags in a designated area; be it the mudroom, front closet, laundry room, spare bedroom/bedroom. That way you're not hunting for them, rushing out the door. This helps me when I'm heading out for Movin' To The Music.

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