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What is health/life coaching?

Often, people know what to do or know they want to make a change but struggle with the follow through; a health/life coach makes that follow through easy. A coach is someone who works with you to achieve your goals. You will notice the difference between wanting to make the change and making the change with our sessions centered around guidance, accountability and support.


Our health/life coach will guide you throughout your journey to develop new, sustainable, and healthy habits. Working collaboratively, you will develop the skills and tools to change your mindset to one that empowers and aligns with your lifestyle goals. Together, we will set attainable targets focusing on what is right for your unique body/life, and implement small, realistic changes to your health habits and mindset to increase energy without dieting or deprivation. We will help you increase stress management skills, build a self-care routine, and make intentional daily changes that work toward your individualized goals. Make yourself a priority, feel your best, and attain a more vibrant life with Small L.E.A.P.S. 

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