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Welcome to Small L.E.A.P.S. !

  What People are Saying

"Mel has been one of the best things that’s happened to me on my fitness journey. I was someone who got really demotivated doing the same routine again and again at the gym, that is until a friend introduced me to one of Mel’s boxing classes. Not only does she encourage you, but also takes care of what you’re looking to work on. It’s even better when your gloves make that first powerful impact against the boxing pads. It’s not you against the world, it’s you, Mel, and whoever you’re in class with (if you’re doing group classes) taking over the world. When I don’t feel like working out, or even if I think I can’t do it, the vibe with Mel and the FitFam pushes me to work harder, helps me believe in myself and makes it a great time! She’s one of the best decisions I’ve made!"

-Sarah W

"I have learned how to listen to my body and the cues it gives me in recognizing foods that provide me with energy and those which don't, because of my time working with Lindsay. Experimenting with meal timing and mindful eating we discovered what caused my overeating and cravings.  I would eat my meals so quickly and with distractions (cellphone, computer) I was not experiencing all the flavours, smells, textures and nutrients that my food was offering me and in turn I was left still craving the senses left unsatisfied. Lindsay's positive approach was welcomed. There was no negativity- only positive reinforcements, affirmations and support. If I had the opportunity to work with Lindsay and do it all over again, I would!"

-Katharine U

 "Melanie is a trainer who leads with high energy and affirmation. Her classes are all about body positivity and she works with you to educate you on healthy eating, proper stretching and overall body wellness. Mel is on my fitness journey with me and I never feel alone." 

-Alaina S

" I have been with Mel for a year and a half and that says a lot! I had never found an exercise routine that I actually wanted to commit to until I found Mel. She challenges and pushes me while making it fun and exciting at the same time. Mel keeps me motivated and is just an incredible trainer/instructor."

-Amanda T

"I love training with Melanie! She has a strong positive energy that makes you motivated and excited to be a part of her classes. 

I had no experience boxing before but wanted to try it and I feel like I’ve learned (& improved) so much thanks to Melanie being such a great instructor."

-Ellary N

"Lindsay has helped me go through why I emotionally, stress, and binge eat. She has helped me re-think why I am so negative and unkind to myself. There were a lot of sessions where I was vulnerable, and made a lot of self discovery. She has helped me voice concerns and thoughts that I kept to myself and made them come to light and reality; she challenged me, and led me into a more positive direction through a path of curiosity rather than judgement. Lindsay has been my sounding board as to pinpointing where it all started, what my history was and how to make my present and future more bright, positive, compassionate and self-loving. I have learned many empowering lessons, and know that with the changes that I have been making, I know that I am headed in the right direction to becoming more self-loving. So, if you think you would love to have someone be a sounding board, a person to be vulnerable with, without judgement, who is honest and so kind I recommend Lindsay as your health/life coach. Thank you so much Lindsay."

-Holly L

"I wasn't sure what to expect when working with Lindsay and it ended up surpassing my expectations. She is realistic with setting goals so you can be successful with new healthy habits. I used to be an all or nothing person which meant I didn't achieve my full potential. With Lindsay's approach I have been able to continue with my journey.  I have been able to continue with the program even during another rough time. For that I am extremely grateful for the work Lindsay has done when working with me."

-Sheri L

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Boxing Skills Training - Kitchener Waterloo
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"I try to be active all my life but for the past few years, work has taken over my life and it was taking a toll on my body. I was worried, taking that first step of training but Coach Mel made the experience unforgettable and I fell in love with it. I even had my father join!

Mel is an expert at knowing your capabilities and physical limitations. I love how she always encourages me to push further and to believe in my strength. My father who has lots of martial arts experience always praises her coaching techniques and we are very blessed and honoured to have her as our coach.

Thank you Mel for training us! If anyone is out there hesitating,  trust me and take that first step. I promise she will change your life as well."

- Min & Soon P

Boxing Coaching - Kitchener Waterloo

"Before joining Small Leaps my biggest challenge was keeping myself accountable to actually work out. I would plan to but rarely follow through. At times I would plan to attend a workout class but because of work, I wouldn't make it on time. With this program, Melanie helps keep me accountable to show up! There is no excuse for missing a class and Melanie will check - in with you if she notices you are missing your sessions. She is so encouraging and has create a fitness family that you want to miss out on. Plus having the classes online has been such a blessing in disguise, such a time saver. 

There are so many benefits to joining! My top four benefits are:

  • It helps maintain and improve my mental health 

  • I feel strong and healthier

  • I have more energy throughout the day and sleep better at night

  • And I get a sense of community through the workout group"

- Domenica D 

" I wasn't able to run at all before I started the running program with Melanie. She set up a schudle for me to train and run 5K. Over the months, it has been tough but she encourages everyone to keep on going. She always looks for new trails that's run for everyone in the run group; so it never gets boring but a stress reliver. Now I am able to run 5K and my pace is getting faster. Yah! 

I even joined her virtual fitness program, because she is so motivating and encoring its fun and feel like I actually worked out. It's not just exercising but having a healthy lifestyle as well, because she brings up meal prep every class. This really makes me want to try meal prepping"

- Liz D

Boxing Personal Training - Kitchener Waterloo
Boxing Classes - Kitchener Waterloo
Boxing Coaching - Kitchener Waterloo

"My experience with Melanie is great. She is a wonderful boxing teacher. She encourages me to get out for weekly walks, home workouts and opened my eyes to different way to incorporate fitness . For example I love playing dance dance and virtual boxing games I can break a sweat while gaming!"


- Sean O 

"I really enjoy Melanie's training style. She incorporates new, modern exercises with the old, classic ones for an overall great workout. Whether virtually or outside, in a group or alone, you definitely get an amazing experience, she knows her stuff and gets results!"

- Kelly S 

"Melanie is great. She keeps me focused and motivated. She encourages me to be the best I can be. Always pushing me to my limits. I enjoy boxing with her and rest of the fit fam"

-Leann K

" Mel is an amazing coach/trainer. She always has a smile on her face and you can tell she enjoy what she does. I have been taking her boxing class for about 5 years. I am learning something new all the time. Mel has so much patience. If I'm having trouble with something she goes step by step so I can learn it properly. 

I love boxing as it reduces stress and I feel revived after class. I also do a virtual band workout and I know I have lost inches in my waist, and hip area." 

- Tracey S

Outdoor Running Group - Kitchener Waterloo

" I have been with Mel for over 3 years participating in her boxing classes, virtual classes and running group.

Mel is a great trainer, but she is also genuine and kind. She goes the extra mile to get to know you and cater to your abilities and preferences.


Her warm energy create an inviting space to achieve fitness goals and develop long term friendship with other members. 

I am not the most physically fit person. I never picture myself as someone who could run or box but with Mel, I am now boxing and running 5K weekly, AND I enjoy it"

- Nicky C


In the past 4 months of training with Melanie, she has been fantastic. Working out has always been a chore for me but I thoroughly enjoy our boxing classes on Mondays. It’s a fantastic mix of conditioning and bag work, not to mention great stress relief from the punching! Melanie also has customized workouts for me which I do at home. She is great at keeping my fitness level in mind, my feedback and is creative in working around my injuries (which she also works to strengthen). She has been key in helping me to achieve my fitness goals and I feel stronger, more confident and more comfortable in my skin than I have in a long time. Melanie was just the motivation I needed to kick start my fitness journey and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to be more active in their life! 

-Kendra. A


"Working with Melanie from Small Leaps has been an incredible journey and am so glad I joined the boxing class, from the first-day meeting Melanie, I knew she would be the perfect person to train me and help me on this journey because she made me want to be a better version of myself and teaching me more that I did not know about, boxing.


Every class is always a push towards me achieving my goals, keeping fit and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing journey at Small Leaps."

- Tola.F


“There is nothing better than kicking off my week at Melanie’s Boxing Class. The class is a mix of boxing skills – heavy bag, pad drills and footwork, as well as conditioning and weight training. Every class feels like it has been prepared in advance and is organized. I leave feeling satisfied with my workout, and energized to tackle the week ahead. Her classes are great for every skill level, so if you’ve ever been interested in incorporating boxing skills into your workout I highly recommend you reach out to Melanie at Small Leaps and give it a shot!”

- Erin F


"As someone who doesn't enjoy the typical gym experience, but enjoys moving my body, I decided to try boxing. Coaching Melanie was supportive and encouraging from day one! She made me comfortable and welcomed me to her class. The classes are well organized, fun and challenging enough to make you work up a sweat. I never regret attending a class and feel insanely powerful and accomplished once I am finished and look forward to my next session."


- Jessica Aline

"Melanie at Small Leaps has been absolutely wonderful. In terms of encouraging a fitness routine that is tailored to me. She is particularly enthusiastic, but also incredibly respectful of peoples limits. Melanie is engaging, kind, supportive, protective, and just runs classes that are full of fun and enjoyment. The environment Melanie creates is one of fun, skill, laughter, enjoyment, energy, and, of course, fitness. I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable experience."


- D.D

"After a lifetime of riding horses daily and running a few times a week, a series of injuries followed by menopause saw my fitness level deteriorate and weight increase. I wasn't sure where to start again as my previous favourite ways to exercise were no longer physically possible for me, which was disheartening. Enter Mel. She has been amazing at helping me restart getting more fit and stronger. I really appreciated that Mel worked in consultation with my physiotherapist to come up with a workout that would assist in the healing process, help strengthen my weak areas, and not aggravate chronic issues. And the bonus is that I love the workouts! Mel listens, offers variety, and makes working out a fun, positive experience even for someone in their mid-50s with me! Thanks, Mel!"

- Sandi Hall Henning

"Small LEAPS has excelled in helping me reach and exceed my personal fitness goals. The work outs are challenging and ever changing depending on whether I am aiming to lose weight or build muscle. The boxing routines we work on are intense, structured and fun. Mel is a very personable and engaging trainer who motivates me and pushes me to the limits. "

-Lance Clyne

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