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What is Breathwork?

New to Breathwork and wonder what is it?

What is Breathwork?

The breath is unique in that you don’t actually tell your body to breath and yet you are able to make shifts in how you feel and think, with consciously changing the breath through breathwork.

Breathwork can involve being mindful and conscious of your breath and to intentionally manipulate your breath through different exercises. There are a variety of breathing techniques to explore that may improve different aspects of your health.


Breathwork can have many different physical and emotional health benefits.

During a breathwork session one of our clients stated it felt like “blowing the stress away...emptying the body of stress”.

“One of the main benefits I find with my own breathwork practice is just how quickly I am able to consciously change my breath to shift something in my body whether it be going into a calmer state, clearing nasal congestion or increasing my focus with even just a 10 min session I have felt the difference conscious breathing can have on my body. I love the immediate feedback I receive from my body & breath. I now constantly ask myself ‘What do I want my breath to shift for me today?”-Breath Coach Lindsay

Preparing for your 1st Breathwork Session:

  • Dress in comfortable clothing.

  • Avoid eating or drinking in large quantities at least 1 hour prior to your session

  • Use the toilet before each session to reduce being distracted by these bodily functions and to stay present in your practice

  • A yoga mat/comfortable blanket to lay on (some practices work best in a laying position)

  • Additional cushions/pillows, yoga blocks or bolsters to help support your body in different breathwork positions

  • Eye mask to provide additional support in reducing visual distractions or light

  • A notebook if you like to journal after your practice

  • Online Sessions: Ensure you are in a quiet, safe space where you will have no/limited interruptions.

  • Group Online Sessions: Use the mute button during each practice to limit distractions for your fellow classmates.

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