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How to Incorporate Music into Your Self-Care Routine

Music has always been a significant part of my life, accompanying me through both good and bad times. Whether I need an escape or a way to cope, music has been my constant companion. Sometimes, we don't fully realize its impact until we take a moment to reflect.

On bad days, I throw on my favorite upbeat songs, and my mood instantly changes. When I'm struggling with my mental health but can't pinpoint why, a song often comes on that perfectly captures my feelings. Singing along and even crying to it feels like therapy, making me realize I'm not alone in my struggles—others are going through similar experiences.

Music truly is the soundtrack of our lives, providing a backdrop for every stage. Next time you listen to music or play a specific playlist, take a moment to check in with yourself. Ask why you're drawn to that song or playlist. Notice the music you listen to on good days and remember it for when you're feeling down.

Create plenty of playlists that you can turn to anytime, for any reason. There’s never a bad time to listen to music, and it can be a powerful tool for self-care.

-Kelly .S

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