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Dance and Connection to Self

Updated: Mar 25

Greetings! I'm Coach Kelly, and I've been lucky enough to have dance as a part of my life since I was young. From ballet to tap, jazz to flamenco, I've dabbled in various styles, never seeing it as just exercise but rather as a joyful way to socialize and express myself. As a teenager, I took a break from structured dance classes, but the love for movement stayed with me. In my twenties, nights out at clubs kept me grooving, but it wasn't until my thirties, when I discovered boxing, that I truly reignited my passion for movement.

Yet, as much as I enjoyed boxing, I found myself yearning for the freedom and exhilaration that dancing brought me. There's a unique magic to losing yourself in the music, moving to the rhythm without a care, except maybe a hint of rhyme. Enter Zumba—an attempt to recapture that dance-induced joy. However, with a nagging knee injury, I struggled to keep up.

It was then that I realized the need to create something for others like me—something that would ignite that same passion for movement while being accessible to all. And thus, Movin’ to the Music was born! It's a class that welcomes all mobility levels, offering challenges with modifications to meet everyone where they are. It's about breaking a sweat without feeling like you're working out—a full-body workout disguised as pure fun.

I want to encourage everyone to find movements that bring them joy and a supportive environment to explore them. Even as a trainer, I have my moments when hitting the gym feels daunting. But spending an hour moving and dancing to music with a group of like-minded individuals leaves me feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated. It's not about complexity; it's about getting up, moving your body, cranking up the music, and enjoying the moment!

So, let's dance our way to happiness and wellness together!

-Coach Kelly. Sanzsole

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