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4 Tips to any new/beginner runners who want to take this next step!

Want to start running, But don't know where to start?

See Coach Melanie's 4 Tips to any new/beginner runners who want to take this next step!

  1. Mindset: If you're thinking about adding running into your workout routine but just haven't gotten there yet. Here are 2 key mindset tools I use even now for running.

Self Talk: Tell yourself you can. Going into a run with a can-do attitude and being kind to yourself on this new journey. When running or trying to get out of the house to run, a negative narrative comes up, instantly change it with a positive affirmation. For me upbeat and uplifting music really helps if the negative self-talk can be too loud.

The second is using Visualization. Before evening getting out there, take a moment to yourself and just visualise what it would be like to run. This makes the experience that much easier because it feels like you have already done it and there is an expectation of what will happen. My visualisation would go like this: I will be waking up early and feeling good as I went to bed early the night before in preparation for this. I will get dressed with the clothes I layed out the night before and double check the weather to see if anything needs to be adjusted. I will head into the living room for some water and get into my light stretches, all while preparing my music and running app ready. Then I will hit the open road. Once I am on the road running I will pace myself, enjoy the view, and take in the experience. I will find my pace and breath and stay relaxed. I already know the path I am going to take because I walk my dogs around town and have predetermined routes.

2. Get Organized: Schedule your run into your weekly calendar. Make it a priority like you would a work meeting or workout and show up for yourself! Stay safe on the trails with the buddy system and to have that accountability partner, ask a friend/ family or take your pet to go on a run/walk with you.

3. Be Prepared: Checking the weather is important in being able to prepare your running outfit. The golden rule is to add 10 degrees to the weather to account for once you start moving and warming up. Having proper running shoes is essential. If you plan on running on different surfaces outdoors, having proper shoes is an investment you will want to make. I would suggest going to The Running Room athletic store. They have experts to help you find the right fit for your needs. Other items such as sunscreens, sunglasses, bug spray, allergy pills, water, snacks, music are things I keep handy in my car ready for running and hiking.

4. Take Action: Get on those running shoes and get outside. I would definitely recommend using and finding a running app. I like Runtracker personally and use it for just tracking my distances and times, but there are some great ones out there for beginners that set the pace for you. The general rule when new to running is to start with a walk/jog pace. Be mindful not everybody is made for running- if you have injuries, asthma or other physical barriers to running it may not be ideal for you. Always talk with your doctor, physio or trainer to be sure it's safe for you to incorporate this into your routine.

Shameless plug: If you are looking for a non judgmental space to start your running journey we do offer a 5K Running Group Saturdays @ 7:15 AM @ Kitchener local trails.

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