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Challenge your mindset towards New Year's Resolutions

This time of year people often think about change or ‘resolutions’. Resolutions rarely stick, even with the best of intentions. Often this is because they are restrictive, focused on the things we shouldn’t do/eat/have, or they attempt to shame us into doing things we ‘know’ we should be doing for ourselves. These resolutions also tend to be large, unrealistic and unachievable goals. We’ve all been there, come February we’ve fallen off the wagon with no real intention of getting back on. Too often with resolutions, despite our best intentions, we’ve set ourselves up to fail.

So this year we’d like to challenge you to think about this New Year as a way to make positive changes versus resolutions.

Let go of the ‘should do’. What do you really want to do? What is realistic for you?

Let go of the self-hate. Instead, think about how you can increase your self-love and compassion.

Let go of the scarcity mindset and having to restrict or cut things out. How can you focus on abundance and allowing more positive things/actions into your life?

Let go of needing a quick fix. They don’t exist. Instead, what is one small personal growth goal that is realistically achievable that you can consistently do throughout the next year to make a positive change?

If you need help making this mindset shift, or are looking for some accountability to stay on track and achieve any of the above, check out our services and programs with Coach Melanie, or request a FREE coaching call with Lindsay, our Life Coach.

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