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5 Things I wish I knew before trying boxing

1. It’s a full body workout.

I first started boxing for the physical benefits. And wow did I get a whole-body experience! My back and shoulders ached from punching, my legs and core trembled from the footwork and my heart and lungs burned from the cardiovascular demands. This sport tested my physical skills in speed, power, agility, coordination, strength, and endurance- to just list a few!

2. More to boxing than just the physical

There is so much more to boxing than just the physical. There are so many biomechanics behind the movements and skills required to deliver a punch, defend, and dodge . There is a level of self awareness needed and you develop a strong body to mind connection. As you progress in boxing you become more aware of the mental skills needed. I always compare boxing to a game of chess- you need to anticipate your opponent's moves. Along the way your own mental skills such as confidence, focus, self-belief, and motivation start to develop.

3. It Builds Confidence

I think now anyone who at least try’s boxing is a winner in my eyes. To put yourself out there and try something new and out of your comfort zone, deserves a pat on the back. When I first tried boxing, it was very much for the fitness aspect of it, but I watched the competitive team in awe and thought one day that will be me. But as my skills, confidence built and so did my desires I moved to more competitive boxing and armature boxing. This wasn’t an easy transition for me. My first nickname on the floor was “too sweet Mel '' because my general demeanor and personality was not your typical boxer stereotype of being aggressive or mean. After seeing how much boxing enhanced the person I was and built me up as a whole. I wanted to share this with others and became a boxing coach. I can truly say now after working with others for over 7 years there is a boxer within us all.

4. My Biggest Stress Relief

I always feel better afterward! I often go into my boxing class filled with anxiety or general low mood from the day’s stressors. But once I start moving and get the blood flowing, I never regret being there. The smile when I leave is always wider than what I came in with. I can tell my moods have improved as I drink water and rock out to my music on the way home filled with more energy and feeling ready to take on the rest of the day. There is no better feeling for me than after my boxing workouts!

5. Like Minded Community Although it’s a solo sport you don’t have to do it alone. Boxing is a sport I gravitated towards because it wasn’t a team sport. I really thrive on activities I can do on my own; swimming, running, hiking, biking, kayaking etc. I did learn that although boxing is a solo sport, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a team or community that comes with it. Having my peers and teammates putting in the same work as me on the training floor became my second family- People I see on a regular basis that share the same passions as me. We give each other support through the good and tough times. I also built a relationship with my coach, who provides so much mentorship and support. So, although boxing is done alone, don’t think for one moment you’ll be lonely!

- Coach Melanie

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