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4 Things People Don’t Tell You About Lifestyle Changes

Whether you are just starting out on your lifestyle change journey, or have already taken the first steps towards your goals, there are some things that people often overlook. If making lifestyle changes were easy everyone would be their ideal healthy selves! That said, here are four things we think everyone should know about lifestyle changes.

  1. It takes small steps over time for lasting change: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and lifestyle changes aren’t quick fixes. Yes, you have to put in time and effort. This may seem obvious, but in our culture of quick fixes and instant gratification we can often underestimate this fact. Change takes time and is done best when you make small changes over time. Sometimes we quit before we even start because what we need to change seems overwhelming. Break that bigger goal into smaller parts and focus on one step at a time. When you take time to make a habit change and maintain consistency in that change, you are looking at the road to success.

  2. You need time to plan: You’ve decided you want to cook more at home and make healthier meals. It’s a great goal! In a fit of inspiration and motivation you decide to go to the grocery store and you get one of each vegetable. Then they sit unused in your fridge or pantry. This happens to so many of us. Life gets busy and we reach for the easiest option, which is often not that rutabaga (whatever that is used for!) we bought. It's true that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You need to set aside time in your week to plan, gather recipes, create grocery lists and prep your food. Whether it’s meal planning, increasing your movement or starting to go to the gym, you need to go into it with a realistic and actionable plan- and put it in your calendar like it’s an important appointment you can’t miss!

  3. Your body will start to crave the changes: At the beginning of any lifestyle change it may seem a strange concept that one day your body (and mind) will start craving the things that feel hard right now. Yet, that is precisely what will happen over time. Once you reduce processed foods and foods high in refined sugar your body adapts and starts craving fruits and veggies. When you get in regular movement, be it daily walks or going to gym to lift weights, your body will start loving those endorphins and you will start wanting to go more. If you skip a day you’ll actually miss it! What seems hard now may very well seem a necessity in the future.

  4. Just do you: Figure out what works best for you. Not your partner, your friend or the latest celebrity. You need to do you. If you don’t like the gym, fine! Try going for a walk, bike ride, try a new sport or join a dance/fitness class. Make changes you will be able to stick with- consistency is key. If you have a sweet tooth or crave salty snacks, work them into your goals. The goal should be working towards treating your body with respect and allowing yourself some flexibility to do the things you enjoy and to eat without guilt.

Of course, this is often easier said than done. If you do find yourself needing some support in figuring out what works best for you to achieve your goals contact Coach Lindsay or Coach Melanie at our service tab page and book in your free consultation call.

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